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Hours of Service~ All Sessions are by appointment only

Boutique: Monday - Wed "Pathfinder" Sessions by appointment (see Life Coach page to book)        Thursday - Saturday  Open to the General Public  11 am - 6 pm                                                

Sundays - open during specific workshop/events times (see QueLinda Events app)

We invite you to browse through our boutique and find that which resonates for you.  We invite you to contact us by calling in for any product you would like to purchase for shipping. We are honored to have you participate with the "Offerings" we provide. We continually expand the tools in which we offer and provide those in support of the work that is being done here.
Browse through the different navigation tabs & find many different treasures along the way.
Discovering the many modalities we offer & the spirit guiding healers who do their work, to our weekly classes, monthly workshops & special events. We offer you a warm and inviting way to travel along your journey with ease and Grace!  Welcome to our beautiful experience...Que Linda!

Thank you for visiting,
Victoria da Salla~owner

About Victoria

Owner: Victoria Marie
         da Salla (Malone)

"I grew up being LOVED.  I was allowed to grow and learn at my own speed…which I always tried to accelerate. Always being my best when I felt comfortable in my setting, comfortable with love and support around me. I was able to speak my mind and be OK as I learned who I was and I had the opportunity to do so for my best and highest self.  
I am a local of La Crescenta, went to CVHS.

After traveling, marriage, children, divorce and building my own career my young son asked me to be 'present'. My 12 year old son asked me if my 'bosses knew I loved my kids?' What he meant was: 'can YOU be present?'  I was working so much to try to not only support my children, but to finally make my mark in life. To Be a success.

After life’s tribulations & growing pains, I needed & wanted to feel good; proud of my life and my decisions. I became one of the youngest 'senior managers' in a growing manufacturing company.  I was reaping the financial benefits, 6 figures and a good industry reputation.  It came with a very high cost; I was tired, burned out, juggling and not always being where I needed to be, even when physically there.  When my son asked me that pivotal question I realized I had lost my inspiration and zest for LOVE OF LIFE!  I was too busy trying to be a success. That question led me to so many new steps in my life…the result  is the foundation of Que Linda Boutique and Que Linda Tu…our assistance to YOU to reach your best self, in your best way and do so in a loving way with ease and grace.

"Que Linda" in the Spanish language is a term of endearment meaning “How Beautiful”. My intention with the boutique, the services & the workshops is to offer you your own Beautiful Experience for yourself. My gifts, my teaching and education are all reflected in my offerings to you...to guide, to coach, to assist you in finding where you live FROM and living that BEAUTY each day!

Inside our boutique we house items, services, coaching, and a safe place for you to breath in that which you want to live From! ~WELCOME

About Que Linda

Que Linda Boutique has a holistic spa-like environment. We are inspired by being of service and provide items to purchase in assisting for your personal growth, and to soothe your heart, mind, body and soul. Many items from around the world from multiple ideologies, cultures and backgrounds. Assisting any individual in finding tools to live life in the best way possible, in which they are peaceful, happy and feel good in their own skin.

Press Room

"She's Directing the Universe's Traffic"

Click to read the Glendale News Press Article Victoria and Que Linda Boutique

"Victoria has created a magnificent Sacred Space for Healers, Artists and Teachers of All realms to be able to deliver their gifts and talents to the community of La Crescenta.
Working with Victoria has always been a pure Joy, as her sweet Spirit fills the space she has created.  All of my clients have rave revues, and I love supporting such a beautiful Vision.
Victoria's retail store, Que Linda Boutique also has beautiful devotional products that support anyone on their Spiritual path. I just Love watching her Vision Grow as she continues to offer more and more Unique gifts to the world."~Janet Grace Nelson

Testimonials We Love:

"Thank you my Beloved Master teacher!!! Yes you have been with me teaching me, guiding me all along my journey...It is exciting to have you watch my development...still expanding...I thank you for your help and support!! Que Linda & Rev. Emma Molina~Ynequez have been a fantastic foundation for this healing awareness to occur on a massive scale.  You ladies brought the fruition and impact in the community!!! You are much a part of this as we are!!! Thank you forever!!! Your vision has allowed people like myself go to a place and feel support and grow from our life experience on all levels...You are my HOME!!! I adore, love and appreciate, respect and admire you all at Que Linda!!! Much Love and light vibrational tones sent your way!! Many Hugs & Kisses too!!! ♥ u!!!! 
Thank you a billion times over!!! :D"~Diana M.

Lovely Customers and Clients

Amazing clients to share the product, the work, the journey with! Namaste!

The burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and Spiritual Purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups.
The Ritual of Smudging can be defined as
"Spiritual House Cleaning."
In theory, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as the smoke clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space where it will be regenerated into positive energy.

Smudging tools sold at Que Linda Boutique:
Medicine Bags, Copal, Palo Santo wood chips & Sage.


Spirituality is not religion and is not even
necessarily affiliated with religion.
While the definition of spirituality is different
for everyone, some common themes
associated with spirituality:

* The idea of a process or journey of self-discovery & of 
   learning not only who you are, but who you want to be.

* The challenge of reaching beyond your current limits.
   This can include keeping an open mind, questioning
   current beliefs, or trying to better understand other's

* A connectedness to yourself and to others.
   Spirituality is personal, but it is also rooted in being 
   connected wit others and with the world around you.
   This connection can facilitate you finding "your place
    in the world."

* Meaning, purpose, and direction. Spirituality, while it
   doesn't necessarily solve or reach conclusions, it often
   embraces the concept of searching and moving forward
   in the direction of meaning, purpose & direction in life.

* A higher power, whether rooted in a religion, nature, or
   some kind of unknown essence.
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